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Welcome to Wilson Hill Academy

Class Pass 2020!

Take a peek inside Wilson Hill classrooms and experience firsthand the benefits of LIVE, interactive courses! The course titles include the recommended school—School of Rhetoric (grades 9-12), School of Logic (grades 7-8) and Grammar School (grades 4-6). 

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Available Sessions

Pre-AP Chemistry — School of Rhetoric


Physics 1 — School of Rhetoric 


Rhetoric 1 — School of Rhetoric


Logic 2 — School of Rhetoric


The Great Conversation 6 — School of Rhetoric


Fundamentals of Research and Presentation


Fundamentals of Research and Presentation (Second session)


Grammar Science — Grammar School

AP Chemistry — School of Rhetoric


AP Art History — School of Rhetoric


Rhetoric 2 — School of Rhetoric


Advanced Composition 1 — School of Rhetoric


Latin 3 — School of Rhetoric 


US Government — School of Rhetoric 



Latin 1 — School of Logic


Don't Miss These Books — Grammar School and School of Logic